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Over Lost Mine Trail


To this day, this is one of the most incredible sunrises I’ve seen. 

Hiked up Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend during pitch black darkness around 5am, reaching the top just as the first morning colors start to show themselves. Showering the sky was a lot of pinks and oragne colors, then finally after enjoying the view for half an hour the full brightness of the day shows itself and brings out the full view of the landscape near the boarder of Texas and Mexico. 

We had already taken plenty of photos with our camera gear, then Ryan decides to scale down and over to this massive rock. shimmy behind it then climb on top. That’s when I pull my phone out and snap this shot, with an iPhone 7+.

Even though I had all my camera gear, tripods, lenses and filters, it was just a quick moment. Seeing him climb up and looking out over the landscape, it was fast and being able to just pull my phone out and get great exposure and colors just made it easy without having to sacrifice the moment we all shared.

With Apple starting up a new shot on iphone campaign, I wanted to take the opportunity to share one of my more memorable moments where I had my best friends around me, experiencing amazing landscapes that this Earth has to offer along with the shot that I was able to capture with a phone. This was something I never even thought would be possible when I was growing up.

The photo above is #shotoniphone with editing done in the stock Photo’s Application. Below is the raw image with no editing done whatsoever. (It was indeed a live photo).